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Welcome to Tomorrowverse.

First of all if you've made it here, thank you!  Hopefully it means you're enjoying the rapidly evolving world of Tomorrowverse through the novels and short stories.  It really is the fans who build a community like Tomorrowverse that make the magic happen.  Through your enthusiasm, and yes, most certainly your financial support, you allow me to continue to add more layers to the magical land of tomorrow.

Now if by chance you stumbled in on us unawares, have I got a  treat for you!  Tomorrowverse is a glimpse into the near future. Some as we hope it can be, some as we wish it will be, and some as we fear it might be.   The science is very real and most of the things mentioned in my books and short stories are actually in the labs being perfected as you read this.  Many of the technological aspects will find their way into your daily lives over the next decade..  The beauty of Tomorrowverse, is that tomorrow things may be vastly different.

Please come in, make yourself comfortable.  Join in the community.  Tomorrow is really the final frontier, and since we all have to live there, lets try to make it a good one.

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I will hold an art contest, "What does your Ulli look like?" 

First prize 200 Sovereigns
1st runner up 50 Sovereigns
2nd Runner up 25 Sovereigns
All Enttries 1 Sovereign
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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