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How do the planets effect us?

What cosmic forces are at work as the events around us unfold?

For aeons people have looked to the stars for answers.  Many of us still look to the stars as we continue to find startling synchronicity between classic interpretations of Astrology and how events in society and politics unfold.  For those interested in following the stars, check out Weekly Astrology Notes at my Youtube channel Tom Jordan.

My Weekly Astrology Notes video is published each Saturday for the coming week.  It includes a complete listing of the week's aspects, which is useful for everyone from those just wishing to plan their day accordingly to students of astrology, as well as those on a personal evolutionary path looking to find opportunity through understanding the stars.

Each week we look for clues to what is really going on in the world as we study the aspects for the coming week as well as the concurrent transits for major players in politics and in society.  We even delve into the birth charts of nations and organizations to give us greater understanding of the challenges they face.  We gain insight into the fate of people and nations as we observe how all things are interconnected as they dance together to the same cosmic heartbeat, from individuals to nations.

Learn all about it on my Youtube channel Tom Jordan
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February 2018. 
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