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About Tomtrocity

Hey everyone, my name is Tomtrocity. I have been on YouTube since 2006 and I would like to do some fun and creative things for this channel and more into Twitch or Mixer. As of right now, I do have gameplay videos of some recent games I had played and some wacky glitches but I want to do more. I have ideas in mind on what I want to do as a content creator but never went fully into it because of demands in life of working at a job that no one wants to stay there forever. 

That's where you guys come in, I'm not asking much at start because I need to do my part and make content that would be enjoyable to watch and engage in. If this grows, then I'll ask you guys for more help. For right now, let's just take this slowly.
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This isn't my current goal of sustainable living but a midway threshold into potentially leaving my current job and going forward to making this my full time job. Meeting this goal would allow me to upgrade things (computer, editing softward, capture devices, etc). 
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