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Thanks a bunch. For giving your boy  ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR you get access to WIPS for new music and all that good stuff. .
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you get nothing else that's why i named the tier dont lmao

*If/when I get more patrons I'll offer rewards for this tier




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Yo, lemme start off with a joke:
What's funnier than someone with only 200 followers on SoundCloud charging you $30 to LEASE a .wav of some shitty uninteresting weeaboo rap beat?
Some dipshit loser idiot asking you for a buck a month on Patreon to make his.

Hi, I'm Magic Man Tony Astro, also known as  THE GREATEST SOUNDCLOUD PRODUCER TO EVER EXIST AT ANY POINT THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM. I've been making music for the past 7 years and DJing as well for 5 of them dabbling in genres like House, Hip-Hop, and Drum and Bass all with my own unique sample-based stylistic glaze. For the past few months I've been thinking about it and now I'm just gonna do it: I'm starting a Patreon.

Why? Well for one, I hate SoundCloud ads. For the past 2 months I've been eligible to enable ads on my profile, but I hate SoundCloud's advertisement system a LOT. Secondly: I'm basically out of upload time on my main SoundCloud. There's a lot of personal history on my profile and eventually deleting all of it is painful for myself and unfair to the people who like the old stuff. I'd rather get a pro subscription instead for more upload time overall. Since I could potentially bank off my music, I want to use that money for my music and I'd like to earn it in a more personal and comfortable way.

Right now I'm only offering $1 rewards. For a clam a month you can support your boy and get WIPs for anything new I'm working on. Badda bing. I'm in the process of making an album and a soundtrack for a game, so I have lots to show off, don't worry. If more people contribute I'll come up with more stuff. Also I'll probably use this platform for beat commissions in the future. Cheap and exclusive, but the exact prices and terms are up in the air for now. More on that when it happens.

Thanks for stopping by y'all,
-Tony Astro

Don't hesitate to hit me up if you have questions or recommendations. [email protected] or Twitter DMs works best.
$8 - reached! per month
i just want soundcloud pro man
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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