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First off I would love to thank all my supporters. Beyond just my sheer love of art it is all of you out there that enjoy and appreciate my art that truly inspire me to continue producing more and more art. My fans drive me to become better and better with all your words of encouragement.

Let's start with a little bit of history and background on my life as an artist. I have been drawing since I was the age of three. My grandmother Whitley encouraged my art by showing me the Bob Ross painting show when I was young. My older sister Rebecca also used to fuel my passion for art by buying me new art supplies for me on my birthdays as I was growing up. Over the years I slowly and quickly improved my artistic abilities adding new techniques through new mediums and technology. 

II created my first comic character back in 1992 called The Black Wasp. The story for this character has still yet to be written as I am a better artist than writer, lol. Since then I have created fan art of some of my favorite characters in the comic book world such as The Joker, Harley Quinn, Logan, Lady Death just to name a few. Thanks to these pieces I gained recognition by comic legend and creator of DeadWorld. I was then commissioned by him to do the Justice card in The Book Of The Tarot. He then commissioned me to illustrate the character Dead Killer from DeadWorld featured on a new soda line called DeadWorld Soda available at comic shop and more around the United States.

Butt, before that I released in 2012 my first comic book called Sleepytime Haunts - What Twisted Web. This is a two part story. As of right now there is on the first part of the story that has been released. Due to the large production costs I have not yet been able to release the second issue and concluding book to the first story. 

Now, I am looking gain pledges and donations to help me in the production of the second part of my first comic series. 
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I will do a special live YouTube video teaching techniques as to how I accomplish my illustrations starting from pencil all the way to the inking.
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