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is creating Youtube Videos about history and pop culture

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Hi, I'm Tony Frazier. Author. Blogger. Near-genius.

I've been bumming around the internet blogging about movies and comics and such for over 10 years. The header from my very first blog, back in 2004...

More recently, I have begun making videos on Youtube about superheroes and science fiction and other elements of pop culture with my own unique slant. A co-worker saw one of my videos and said, "You should be doing this for your job." So I thought, "Why not give it a try?"

Here's one of my early videos to give you an idea of what I do (I'm making higher quality videos now, but this one is fun and short)...

I tried going the normal Youtube route, but given that my videos are commentaries about popular culture, using clips from movies to illustrate my points, their automated content catchers flag my videos so I can't make money from them. I could go through their appeals process to allow me to monetize my videos, but that seems like an awful lot of work to win the right to make you watch ads. So I'm trying this instead.

No ads to feed the big corporate machine. Instead every dollar goes into making either my life or my videos better (and I realize that's kind of a nonsense dodge like "jobs created or saved," but both goals are really important. You know, to me.) I charge per video, but my current plans are to create one video per month, with maybe one extra bonus one in October.

Just so you know, I am a one-man show right now. I use freely-available resources and my own time and talent to create these experiences for you. Editing, logo design, writing, voicing, animation: I do all of these myself, so it takes a lot of time and effort to make every video, and every video you support with your dollars is something I have poured hours of work into. You will never be charged for something tossed off in an afternoon.

What I'm doing now is fun. It can be much more fun for all of us with just a little support from you. Please consider clicking the button and let's see how deep this rabbit hole goes.
$9 of $100 per
At $100 per video, I will be purchasing new equipment to improve production quality. First purchase: wireless microphone for live shoots.
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