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For the people who are not just sure that they want to full out support a random person>I get you (Just stick around you might like what you see).

Supporters will receive the following Benefits:

  • You will be able to view some of the projects. (easy or one's I let you).
  • You will have the ability to suggest art, (not always going to get me to do some drawings). 
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The men and woman that like my work but know how to save money.

Amazing...  will receive the following Benefits: 

  • Access to patron-only content


  • Patron-only Rolls in discord

  • Previous benefits 
Includes Discord benefits
Art beginners
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The men and woman that like my work and know how to make a person happy.

Art beginners will receive the following Benefits: 

  • Seeing Works in progress.

  • Higher roles in discord

  • Previous benefits  
Includes Discord benefits




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Who am I?
Hello, I'm Tony Productions, but my friends call me Tony so just call me by that name. Just Finished high school. I create artworks in my spare time and hope that I can go somewhere in life with this.

The reason and Goals for using Patreon?
My goal is to become an artist/graphical artist and Patreon finally allows me to do what I want, and only through Patreon, Is this achievable. I can finally start creating art for those who like the art that I create, and from all the support that you decide to give allows me to obtain better and more complex art for you. Also, I've always wanted to try streaming, but my internet is to bad to stream on.

What are you guys paying for?
The funds that come from Patreon will assist me in creating art but will hopefully, earn me a living off it,(Art and making videos are the only things I know that fill me with joy when doing them).
You also can get special rewards when supporting me such as: 
  • Discord roles and perms.
  • Special art and exclusives.
  • Seeing Works in progress.
  • Being able to suggest the next artworks.
  • Occasional streams/ youtube videos.
When will I post?
I post new content at the end of each week and either a video or an artwork, I plan to release an artwork every 1-2 weeks and videos more frequently.

Thanks to the people who decide to support me!
Firstly, for anyone who decides to support me Thank you, anyone, who donates has made my dreams become closer to becoming a reality. and only through your support will this ever come true.


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This amount will just allow me to buy supplies and resources, I need to create artworks.
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