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Welcome to the home of S&D Software!  We are OTA MasterMind members who are working to advance the state of trading.  Currently, trading is an art form, and that is the way it is taught.  You "train your eye" to find certain patterns on charts and then base trades off of the patterns you think you see.  This is error prone and very subjective.  We would like to make trading far more objective, which would make it easier to learn and allow for the rapid development of skills (and profits!).  As an analogy, the current state of trading is similar to the state Computer Science was in when computers first became available.  Back then there were no software engineers, there were only computer programmers!  The people who began trying to program computers were making it up as then went, and techniques which seemed to work were passed on.  When it became apparent how important computers were going to be in the future and how programming them was going to be a major issue, a lot of time and effort went in to studying programming.  Theoretical models were created and refined, and problems were studied and solved.  A body of knowledge developed that allowed more and more people to be able to successfully program computers with less and less effort, and the way computers were programmed became much more like an engineering activity than the art form it started as.  That's why today we have Software Engineers and not computer programmers!  :-)  We would like to do the same for trading, advancing it from being an art form to being a pseudo-engineering activity.  We have developed (and continue to enhance) a theoretical basis for the trading methodology we use, and this has allowed us to eliminate much of the subjectivity  from trading.  It has also allowed us to develop tools to aid and assist the trader and reduce the amount of work that must be done by the trader.  These tools are under continuous development with new features and capabilities being added on a regular basis.  Becoming a Patron gives you access to these tools, support (including access to training sessions on how to use the tools), and access to presentations on the theory that the tools are based on.  However, to become a Patron you must be an OTA MasterMind member.  Our tools support techniques and strategies that are only taught to OTA MasterMind members and will not make sense nor be usable by those who are not, and we are not in the business of teaching people how to trade.  So, if you are an OTA MasterMind member, become a Patron and take your trading the next level!

Software Requirements: TradeStation 10 or TradeStation 9.5 (update 27 or later)
NOTE: Proof of OTA MasterMind membership is required for access to the software and manual.

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