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Tooning Japanese is a podcast where three dudes in their thirties sit down each week and review anime from their teen years. We have reviewed all of Excel Saga, Trigun, Gurren Lagaan, Wolf's Rain, and are currently reviewing One Punch Man.

We love creating this podcast for our fans. We will always give you the best content that we possibly can. That being said, there are some things beyond our control that your contribution to the show will help us with.

1.  The cost of hosting, the website, & advertising
  • We are in the process of moving over all of our old and current episodes from Podomatic to Podbean. While this will enable us to keep all of our former content live, it comes with a cost of $108/year.
  • The hosting cost for our website on WordPress currently costs us $74/year after upgrading to remove the advertisements.
  • We are also looking to do more promoting of our podcast at local conventions, which incur costs for the booth and printing.
  • All of these costs come directly out of the pocket of Andy's pockets, so anything that fans can give back will help alleviate the financial strain and help keep our show going.
2.  The time put into editing and releasing episodes
  • Every episode takes Andy around 2-5 hours to edit and put together. He currently works a (more than) full-time job as a high school English teacher, and he also coaches esports just about every night of the week. Add everyday life and work on The Shadowvane Podcast, and it's become difficult to keep up the schedule for Tooning Japanese.
  • Your donations will allow us to eventually hire someone to edit and produce our episodes. This will free time to create more bonus content for our listeners.
3.  Recording Equipment
  • We want to do more interviews with voice actors and people within the anime community. We had a blast interviewing Jessica Calvello and Dorothy Fahn, and we hope to bring more of that to you all! We would like to eventually purchase reliable recording software for recording remotely, which is an added cost we just don't have right now.
  • As it becomes harder to record in the same room every week, we are also looking at getting a Blue Yeti microphone for Bill to use when we do end up recording remotely.
Anything that you can contribute will be go directly to the show! We will pay it back by providing for you additional content laid out in our donation tiers as well as our overall goals. Take a look at our page, give our show a listen, and contribute if you can! We are excited to continue to bring you our brand of humor and reviews of our favorite shows!
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If we reach $50/month, we'll release a bonus episode every month of a movie review! The movies will be voted on by our Patrons, and they will be released on the main feed for everyone.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 104 exclusive posts
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