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Honey Jar tier will give you all the content i create! 

All the content i release monthly is part of 1 theme that changes every month, and some special ocassions like hallowheen and christmass.

  • Printable Posters for didactic purposes ( teaching children) 

  •  Flash cards (not monthly)  

All the new content will be added to this tier in the future! 

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Honey Bees are those who want to support me a little bit more!

  • Get extra polls to know about what content you wanna see next!
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Thank you so much for checking my Patreon and being interested in my work!!
You have no idea how much it means to me!

My name is Tortupolar (or Migu)! A KidLit style artist who is currently trying to make a living out of my dream of becoming fulltime illustrator. 
Being a really small creator and not really studying anything related to illustration i always wanna try my best to keep growing and learning as an artist, in the same way i learned how to draw and color i always want to help inspire the people who enjoy my work the same way the people who i have met along the way have inspired me!

What kind of art will you find here? 

Art for teachers and parents or anyone who wants to teach children to speak English or Spanish

Cute Kidlit Art, animals, kids, stories and cute creatures. 

Future rewards and goals include:
  • Flash Cards!
  • Printable Stickers!
  • Coloring Pages!
  •  Full illustrated books!
  • Printable crafts and puppet projects!
If you can't support me through monthly pledges for rewards, consider following me on social media and sharing my work as well as through commissions or Kofi! I will be forever grateful, and you will have a spot in my heart!

Anyway that is it from me! i hope you decide to stay and form part of our bear club!
Thank you once again and  i will see you around! 
$23 of $100 per month
More flashcards will be added Monthly!
And Coloring pages!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
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