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So this isn't really a "tiered" system as much as it is a "donate whatever you're comfortable with" system. The minimum is one dollar, but if you do want to contribute more than that, hey I can't stop you, and also you're amazing and I love you.



About Totally Not Mark

Nice to finally meet you!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my Patreon! First off, if you're here then chances are you watch my videos, and I just want to say I am and will always be incredibly appreciative of that alone, but if you do feel like you'd like to contribute to the channel further, then this is the place to do so!

Who am I?

My name is Mark Fitzpatrick and I run the channel Totally Not Mark on YouTube, I make analytical breakdowns, reviews and comedic videos about Dragon Ball and other anime from time to time.

By pledging, you'll be directly supporting the creation of all future videos.

What will the Money be used for?

The most important thing this money buys me is efficiency and security. Making videos like I do takes a great deal of research, writing and editing. Generally I'll spend well over a full working week on a single video, and so the Patreon money will give me the time and space I need to do this. While enabling me to pay my new editor a fair wage.

It would also allow me to invest in better audio equipment and hire fantastic writers, which will save time and increase the quality of the videos themselves.

Do you have any other forms of income?

Yes - I do make some money through You Tube Ad Sense, however between false copy right claims and You Tube's fluctuating algorithms, it's by no means stable.

How Many Videos will you put out a month?

I'll be aiming to produce 4 videos each month. Due to the average length of my videos, currently clocking in at around 10 to 15 minutes per video, meaning you'll be getting at least 40 minutes to an hour's worth of content every month.
22% complete
I will make a professionally produced and edited Diss Track on Anime Ajay and Geekdom101.

I'll redraw and compose an entire chapter of Dragon Ball Super's Manga.

I will also be able to employ a staff of trained people to work on making my show as good as it possibly can be.
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