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Townespeople support helps with the ongoing cost of video and web hosting. 

As a thank you will receive an exclusive welcome to Towne Yoga Patreon Video and as well as an annual exclusive practice at the start of each new year! 

Towne Council
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Be a Towne leader!

Towne Council members directly support the time and effort past and present that goes into Towne Yoga. 

On top of the welcome and annual Patreon exclusive Towne Yoga videos, you will also get a voice in the Towne Yoga Tutorial content. You can message tutorial requests and vote on what you would like to learn about in the Towne Yoga Tutorials.

Towne Family
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Join my family! 

Towne Family members contribute to upgrading supplies and equipment for improved video quality. 

On top of the Towne Council benefits above, Towne Family can request a yoga sequence for you or a loved one. 

After three months of subscription I will e-mail you a Towne Family Yoga survey where you can tell me about yourself, or a loved one, and what you are looking for in a yoga practice. I will design a sequence just for you that will be e-mailed in downloadable format and posted on my YouTube page on the Patreon Towne Family Yoga playlist. 




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About Towne Yoga

Towne Yoga is yoga for the whole town! 

I sequence, cue, and film yoga videos with each member of my family (the Towne family) in mind. This way people with all different yoga needs and preferences might find a video or series they like. Yoga is for everyone, it's like dessert, you can and will find a type you like if you take the time to look around. Maybe you, or a loved one, will enjoy a series or two from the Towne Yoga menu below!

Towne Yoga menu:
  • Eileen Towne Yoga Series: Studio style vinyasa yoga practices, all levels and gentle flows.
  • Chris Towne Yoga Series: Yoga for the non-yogi, focus on simple practical stretch, strength, and overall health. 
  • Keri Towne Yoga Series: Yoga for runners or those looking to improve their posture.
  • Tracy Towne Yoga Series: Yoga without a lot of up and down or fast flowing.
  • Colleen Towne Yoga Series: Restorative, range of motion, and gentle strength practices.
  • Amy Towne Yoga Series: My favorite yoga series to practice or teach, a big variety!
  • Towne Yoga Tutorials: Yoga pose, sequence, or concept breakdowns. Patreon Towne Council Members get to vote!
  • Patreon Towne Family Yoga Series: Yoga sequences designed for Patreon Towne Family. I send subscribers a survey to gather information about what you or a loved one is looking for in a yoga practice. Then sequence, cue, and film a video for this playlist. This video is sent to the Towne Family Patreon supporter early and in a downloadable format.

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