Tracey Kessler

is creating art, ceramics, textiles and community experiences.
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We are really good friends and I'm grateful for your support.  Stop over for coffee/tea/ vino soon.  

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I'm grateful for the generosity.  Stop over for coffee/tea or vino soon and I'll give you a small print of a series that I'm currently working on.  (I can mail if  you don't live in CA)

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You must really believe in me.  Come by for dinner and drinks and I'll supply you with an original work on canvas. 




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About Tracey Kessler

Hello !

I'm Tracey or TK for short. I'm an artist and designer in the San Francisco Bay Area and have built a creative life producing contemporary, abstract paintings, wabi-sabi type ceramics and surface design prints. My background is in architecture and interior design where I've worked for a number of years until I starting pursuing my true calling as an artist about 10 years ago.

What you will find here on my Patreon page are things to inspire you, what my influences and inspirations are and bits of my life and artistic adventures. I teach workshops, private lessons and occasionally still design interiors.

Here are my current Websites.  Design:   
TKID-SF  Fine Art:  Tracey Kessler

This website is a great opportunity for artists to create a financial system that is sustainable, one that allows artists to continue their work uninterrupted. It's also great for patrons to have a more personal and intimate look into the process.  You can visit the studio and buy a painting for $600 or you can support me at the $50 level for a year, visit the studio, participate in my Patreon events and postings, and still have your painting!  It's a win-win situation and it allows me to budget for a sustained period of time.  

The Bay Area is one of the most or if not the most expensive places in the country and I think at this point it tops New York City. Most artists have been forced out of San Francisco and currently now we are being forced out of the entire Bay Area. Currently, there are no rental laws in Marin County and I have been given 60-days on a 35% increase. Yes. THIRTY-FIVE PERCENT. That's a big number for me.

I’d be honored to have your support.

While we all benefit from many of the tech industry’s positive gifts to the world, the arts & culture is something we all enjoy and can support collectively. If artists can’t afford to live in the Bay Area, we all lose. Your support helps maintain a diverse community with rich culture, which the Bay Area is slowly losing.

My Passions:
Art, community, design, nature, beauty, friendships, love, healthy food and great wine. I love to entertain, especially in my art studio.

My Purpose:
To express myself creatively to the fullest extent while enriching others’ lives in the process. Bridging community between creatives and non-creatives. Offering creative services to those who’d like to infuse inspiration into their busy lives.  I would like to offer accessible services to children that do not have access to the arts in their school system.

What will you get?
Depending on which level you choose, you can get small original paintings, prints, a monthly studio dinner with other patrons and invites to art & design events around the Bay area.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter, but instead of pledging large donations to fund one massive project with a definite end goal, you contribute small monthly donations to an artist you love so they can afford to work on projects, events and gatherings you’d like to see take shape. The artist would be me!

How does Patreon Work?
Patrons make a monthly pledge to artists. You pick the reward level you want. For example if you pick the $5 level each month, Patreon would take $5, just like a subscription. If for some reason you aren’t able to keep it up, you can cancel anytime. Ideally, if you could give between $5 - $500 a month, my career path can be sustained.
You won't be charged until the 1st of every month, and it usually takes a full 72 hours for all pledges to process! You’ll receive an email that will indicate whether your pledge was successfully processed or declined. Then I'll bookmark the calendar for the rewards for all my patrons. Whether it be a studio visit, small painting, commission, dinner or art night.

What I’ll use the money for:
Receiving a monthly stipend allows me to sustain my art practice without interruption.   The following list includes items that are needed monthly:

-Studio rent and bills
-Canvases & paint supplies
-Application fees to juried shows, open calls
-Sales, marketing and website fees
-Facebook and Instagram post boost ads
-Adobe Capture program
-Textile Design Lab (a coaching/mentor community for surface designers)
-Food & beverages to host studio openings and patron dinners.
-Artist-in-residency participation

Thank you for any support you can give, and thank you so much for being a patron to the arts!

Additional offerings include:

-Discounts on a piece of art
-Ability to commission work
-Invitations to gallery openings
-Art tutorials, including step-by-step “how to” articles or fun informative videos.

$116 of $1,000 per month
When I reach $1000 per month, I'll start a special instructional video series in the studio with demonstrations on techniques i'm working on.  Also, including video of a day in the life of my creative community around sausalito.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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