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Be a frond to my work, er, friend.  Thanks for the tip, seeing your support means a lot and gives a good feeling of stability.  At this tier, you get access to any update posts and articles I make on here and might see some finished podcast stuff earlier if I'm at liberty to show it.  You can also send in questions and participate in polls for the topics of That made Me Trans.
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Thank you all for your interest, I'm Tracy Campbell, a trans lady (she/her pronouns) game designer from Scotland, and I'm the type of attention-flickering creative who has her hand in a lot of pies.  I'm the writer of the upcoming Green Moon, an RPG I've made entirely by myself which will be ready for alpha testing soon, which I hope some lucky patrons will be interested in joining me in as I map out more of the setting, history and mechanics.  That is my main project and I hope it brings new people into tabletop games, that it really shows that potential for exploration of self and others that I found so formative to my own social identity.

I'm not as old and wise and steeped in the old ways as some people but I'm always trying to find new ways of telling stories, whether that's making tabletop or video games, writing stories, or making shows like lets plays or podcasts.  I'm trying a lot of things, particularly editing and appearing in podcasts, and DMing RPG play casts, as I collaborate with other trans creators, which is content I hope to have up regularly.  I also quite enjoy making homebrew content for other systems and little RPG ideas of my own when I have the chance and will be sure to post such scraps when I have them polished.

I'm still figuring all this out, what content people are interested in, but I hope to provide a lot of entertainment, and a lot of understanding.  In fact, I'd quite like to make a career doing that.
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This should comfortably cover our hosting costs for the time being, as well as occasionally helping us get equipment, illustrations and music commissioned for the show!
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