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About Transparent Justin

Thank you for becoming part of the Transparent Family. Your monthly contribution will help the mission of Transparent Justin be known all around the world. 

Q: What is the Transparent Family? 
A: Simply it is a community of people who are interested in a connection at the "human-level" and not with the social stigma, or "labels" that we are given in society.

Q: Why did you start Transparent Justin?
A: I grew up always feeling like an outcast. I always felt like there was something that was "different" about me without truly knowing what that was. I dealt with a lot of bullying in school, which I allowed to take away my voice and I fell into making decisions that were not valuable for me. I wanted to try and strip away all the label and stigma and meet people at the place they are at. Be that in addiction, be that happy, be that sad, be that angry at life, be that confused about who they are. We are all on the same trip, heading to wherever we believe the "after life," is so why should we not connect and help each other out? 

Thank you for joining and helping me to see my dream become a reality. 

Peace, Love & Joy
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Once I reach my goal I will be able to get new camera, lighting, and editing software so that I can make better content for you all. 
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