is creating videos that explain the lore for Magic: The Gathering

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Hey! You gave me a dollar thank you so much, i really appreciate the contribution! All I need is one dollar a month to stay unmonetized and enjoy this hobby I love so much whilst you enjoy no ads on my content. WIN/WIN




The main goal of this channel is simple, explore Magic! Give the rundown on lore and characters, above all entertain you!
Who are you?
 Hi! I'm Trapixieum, im here to have fun and entertain you all with lore and varying degrees of jokes and fun videos on YouTube! I enjoy the games I play and I'd like to share my love for these games with you all.
Why should I pay you for it?
Well, for a start If I'm allowed to do this for a living I would be able to improve my setup, my content and entertain you even more with an ever expanding library of content to pull from. I would also be committed to bringing guests to join videos.
Where does the money go?
Good question! The money would go towards the following items.
-A decent PC.
-A good setup.
-Better quality videos.
How often?
As often as I possibly can, the more money I get, the less I have to go to work, the more often I can stay home and create content.
With that being said, thank you guys so much reading please feel free to support me here! May the Lotus watch over you.
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PC upgrades, in exchange all patreons will be entered into a giveaway for a free playmat and a $40 Legion Pro Shop Gift Card
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