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About Travel Trolls TV

We are Dan & Mazzy from the YouTube channel, Travel Trolls TV. We travel around the UK in our motorhome sharing our adventures and places we visit whilst having lots of fun through our daily vlogs. 

The chances are you knew that anyway so lets just get straight to the point. We try to support ourselves through our YouTube income but it's not easy so we have listened to our viewers and reinvented our Patreon page offering all new perks for our Patrons. These include getting bonus videos, postcards, shoutouts, named in the credits and even personal videos!

We will be keeping Patreon fresh and up to date with new content which only you guys will have access to. 

So please consider joining our little club and becoming a Patron. Every penny is really appreciated and will help us to keep giving you fresh daily content from our adventures.

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Dan & Mazzy
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