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Thanks for coming by! My name is Trayshon. I was brought here to Patreon after seeing other musicians involved with the program, seemingly making better and better content with every video. I enjoy creating any music covers to any songs not too inappropriate, however, Anime are my favorite things to cover. Excited to start my journey!

Patreon is just a big support system created from the support of a fanbase or supporters! It's simple, if you enjoy what an individual is creating, in this instance, music covers and original songs, then you can support them for as low as $1 a month. Every cent counts! The funds will help the creator eventually afford better equipment and other features that will help them better their productions! You can pledge any amount that you'd like per month or per video, and if you're afraid of going over your budget, don't worry, Patreon has a "cap" limit where you can specify exactly how much ($1, $3, etc.), you'd like to give per month or per video, no matter how many videos I post!

As of now, I really do enjoy creating and doing different renditions of music covers, however, with the current equipment that a posses, it's pretty much beginner equipment, leaving my videos filled with static and some points, and simply taking away from the quality of the videos all together. With a little support however, I'm more than sure that I will be able to upgrade both my recording equipment, as well as my violin, slowly but surely. Eventually, I hope to make it to Itunes and other branding to sell my music, as well as create sheet music, and even in time make this my full time job like many others creators have done. Every bit of support helps and I truly do appreciate every last bit of it!
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Definitely want to start off with baby steps! But i really appreciate the support and perhaps down the line I can finally be able to afford better equipment!
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