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Guess and me, we're best friends now. Looks like I am an easy catch.

A $1 pledge will earn you access to exclusive content only for my Patron supporters. This includes discussions,teasers, bloopers, and other random stuff that I think you will be sure to enjoy.

I feel so cheap.
per Video it look's like you're giving me $5 per video that I am putting out. You know how I told those other people (the ones giving me $1 per video) that they are my best friends now? Well I lied....YOU'RE MY REAL BEST FRIEND. (Don't tell them, they're pretty sensitive about this best friend thing.)

By giving me $5 per video, you will not only receive the great content that the awesome people that have decided to give me $1 receive, but you will also get some cool swag. Some stickers. Maybe a shirt. A used piece of dental floss. I dunno...we're going to get weird with this I guess.

You will also receive a monthly invite to join me in a Google Hangout, where you can proclaim your love for me or tell me how horrible of a job I am doing.




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With the help of like minded people like you I can continue to create entertaining, thought provoking content that shines a light on the BS that continues to plague our world.

I create content FREQUENTLY so please make sure to cap your monthly contributions at a price you can afford. I am awesome, but not so awesome that you can't pay your dig?
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Real jobs are hard. Making videos that piss off SJW's is better. Help me, help you.
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