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About KJ Williams

Greetings! I am KJ Williams and I am an entertainer. You might know me from my YouTube channel TeaL CAP, where I post videos revolving mainly around Sonic the Hedgehog, ranging from music covers to Everything Wrong With videos. I also publish original music currently available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and BandCamp. Currently, these creative endeavors are being hindered due to my lack of resources to enhance the work, but don't fret! These endeavors will continue to progress, and you can help!

What you will see on this page, should you choose to pledge, will be sneak peeks at some of my upcoming works, including crazy moments from recordings, snippets from my expanded musical catalog, and art pieces, notably screen captures from the feature-length animatic Project Resurrection, or as you likely know it, Sonic's Christmas Insanity. Once I hit specific goals, I can focus on these endeavors more extensively than I can at the moment, and can produce faster turnout and improved quality.

If you like my content, and want to support me, any little bit will help. Even if you don't or can't, I am extremely humbled for your consideration!
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I will be able to dedicate more of my time towards my creative efforts across the board. Thus, there will be a minimum of two projects (i.e. new songs, new EWW video) per month.
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