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Sabotage is an asymmetric stealth game for two teams of two players each. One team, the villains, are trying to take over the world with their their doomsday devices. The other team, the spies, are infiltrating the villains' secret lair to stop them. The spies must use their stealth and cunning to shut the villains down without getting caught. The villains must use their deductive reasoning and massive stockpile of weapons to prevent the spies' subversion. 2-4 players, ages 10+, 60-90 minutes
  • Completely asymmetric - each team plays completely differently. Will you be sneaky or discerning, cunning or explosive!?
  • Work as a team - You won't make it far on your own. Players must coordinate with their teammate if they hope to be successful.
  • Hidden movement - Both sides move in secret, making the spies harder to hit, but they never know when a flamethrower is just around the next corner
  • Strategic gameplay - Through the unique roll-and-write mechanics of the game, both teams must prioritize when to bunker down and expand their abilities, and when to sprint out and hope for a victory.
  • Multiple powers to explore - Each character has multiple abilities to unlock, making every game a completely unique experience
  • Set in the Burgle Bros universe - Some of your favorite safecrackers have been called in to save the world.
Note from the Designer, Tim Fowers: Sabotage is not for everyone. Unlike my past games, Sabotage is a head-to-head battle with a high learning curve. It has been a passion project for a long time - trying to capture the sublime gameplay of "Spies vs Mercs" mode of Splinter Cell, but in a boardgame. It is tricky at first, because of the unique mix of mechanics, but it's not too heavy after a game or two (my kids play with me). I strongly encourage players to try the intro game, before unlocking all the gadgets (available free as intro Print and Play here). Sabotage has layers of delicious mind games that dedicated players will discover as they master the tools the game provides.

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