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Research seekers are those looking for the science behind what I do. I will share podcasts, articles, and books/audiobooks. Find out where I've learned what I've learned!
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Recipe fiends are... exactly what it sounds like. Anyone looking for recipes. This will be mostly ketogenic and ancestral way of eating recipes and will contain a minimum of one recipe post per week. You will also see what research-seekers see.
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The physically fit tier includes 2-5 posts per week of workouts, exercise tips and videos. You will also see what research seekers and recipe fiends see.




After battling chronic illness and becoming sick and tired of being sick and tired, I found my way back to health and new-found happiness through a more ancestral way of eating which allowed me to get back to the active lifestyle I love! I've shared my story, progress and tips on Instagram for a few years and enough people have asked me to coach them in their diet and general health that I decided hey, why not!? Health is my passion and driving force to survive and thrive, let me show you how it can be yours, too! I am in the process of obtaining health coaching and nutrition certificates.
*Disclaimer: I am not a trained medical doctor/professional. My posts and advice are based off personal experience and knowledge learned online through my own research. In no way do I claim to be able to heal any person and anyone who decides to follow my coaching does so at their own risk, excusing me of any liability.
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