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About Tristan Bergen Photography

Me ?
22 years old living in South-East France, amateur landscape and weather photographer.

Why patreon ?
It's everyone's dream to be living doing what you love the most. As I'm finishing studies in France in Natural disasters and Catastrophy management I'm starting to question if I could start a new way of life.
I've always been interested in landscapes and storms and started photographing them a few years ago. Stormchasing became a huge part of my life when I obtained my driving license back in 2013. I bet you think stormchasing is just like in the united-states, chasing tornadoes, well in France we don't have much so it's more like capturing lighning, scenery, everything that our storms can offer. 

In Europe stormchasing is nothing more than a hobby and I'm willing to become one of the first to do this for a living, without your support this would not be possible !
I have the chance to be living in one of the most beautifull places in the world and I want to share that with you through landscape photography of course but also through storm chasing and weather photography to show everyone that, even when the sun is obscured by the darkest clouds, we can still find magic images in our world !

Thank you for supporting my work and becoming a part of my dream ! Hope you'll get what you are looking for becoming a patron, and if you're not french, you could even learn a little bit of that strange language !

A bientôt !
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With this amount I'd be able to refound a really big part of my monthly spendings in stormchasing and travelling in my area and maybe go a little bit further
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