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About Trogthorpe Mobile Gaming

Who is Trogthorpe Mobile Gaming?
We are avid gamers, teachers, and content creators. We love playing the games, we love becoming OUR best at the games we play, and we love sharing our knowledge with those who share our interests.

What are we doing?
At Trogthorpe Mobile Gaming, we are dedicated to bringing you how-to’s, walkthroughs, tips-and-tricks, sneak peeks, leaks, strategies and all around great content on video games for mobile devices.

Where can you find us, and see more great content?
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    Sawed-off Shotgun
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    You’re a game changer! A few bucks may not seem like much, but, like a sawed-off early on, it can be the difference between dying off early, and surviving to the next stage.

    Thank you so much for your support!

    Your Benefits:

    - Patron Level Discord Access

    - First Access to most YouTube content. At least 24 hours before it goes public in most cases

    - at least 5 minutes advance access to room keys for custom matches

    Includes Discord rewards
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    Ah, the ever popular, highly sought after “M4!” With you around, anyone can go the distance. 

    Thank you so very much for all your support and help in keeping this dream alive!

    Your Benefits:

    - All of the benefits as listed for the “Sawed-off Shotgun“ Tier

    - early room key access is increased to 10 minutes advance

    - Early access YouTube content will be ad free

    - First access to sneak peeks and leaks

    - Get friended in-game by Trog

    Includes Discord rewards
    Suppressed AWM with 8x Scope
    Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
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    Wow! You’re a rockstar! A finisher! A game clincher! With you around, how can we go wrong? And, like the AWM, the availability here is limited. So, hurry to get in on exclusive benefits!

    Seriously, thank you SOOO much! We are truly humbled!

    Your Benefits: 

    • All the benefits listed under “M4“ tier
    • EXCLUSIVE benefits - only 10 people at a time will be allowed at this tier at this price!
    • 15 minute advance on custom room keys
    • Access to outtakes and deleted content - maybe some unedited content now and then
    • Name credited in all content published publicly while you’re a member of this tier
    • Discounts on Trogthorpe Mobile Gaming Merchandise (coming soon)
    • Invite to Trog’s Clan in-game
    • Play matches of your choice with Trog; at least 60 minutes or 2 matches (whichever is GREATER) per month
    Includes Discord rewards

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