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Join the Club. You'll get access to the upcoming ideas and designs for unique apparel, and critique and vote on the outcome..  AND my undying gratitude and loyalty. 
Designer Patron
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*You get to be a part of the decision making team. Your voice is heard on the look and feel of the apparel's design. Once the apparel is rough-drafted, you'll get an Exclusive look and  let us know what you think would make it better. 

PLUS -  get access to the upcoming ideas and designs for unique apparel.  

AND my undying gratitude and loyalty.  

*  Once we get 100 patrons, One (1) lucky patrons (who has not been chosen that year) will win a free pair of designed apparel for that month! 

The Artist Patron
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*You can create the design, along with me. 

- Do you have an idea for a design? 

Well if it fits our vision, we will create it with you.

- You will also get your name on the apparel so the world can see the greatness you've create. 

* = Once we get 100 patrons, Five (5) lucky patrons (who have not been chosen that year) will win a free pair of designed apparel for that month!




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About Troy Estefan Apparel

Cookie Cutter Patterns Suck!

Who makes the patterns for women's clothing, patterns on leggings, dresses, and plus size women's clothing, etc?
I've heard so many people say "eww that's ugly". So I've come up with a solution.
Designers, undiscovered talent and the people who wear apparel and/or buy apparel for others..
You can help me decide what designs come off the production line. Exclusive apparel that you have a say in. Wear what you like, not what you have to accept!  

I shall keep creating, making better apparel for the masses and unleash it to the world. For that I could use your assistance. Your help would secure fresh new designs, make basic patterns pop and make us a force to reckon with. And it's not always about money either. You can actually be a part of creating the best designs and apparel on the market. Afterall everyone doesn't have the means to make that happen. But together, we can create a platform that creates apparel, helps others get theri start and gives back!

You can also send your designs/ideas here and get them accepted by the community and created by us.. with your name as the Signature Designer ON THE APPAREL.
Get your foot in the door with Troy Estefan Apparel.

We Give Back ~ Part of the proceeds from apparel sales will go to specific charities/foundations. ie Cancer foundations, Red for Ed, Southwest Veterans, MEdUSA, etc

Compression Apparel ~ We are not focused on compression apparel for athletes, although, they're free to wear our designs. We create compression apparel for those who need it to maintain a normal day of life. For example, Cancer patients and others who need compression material to assist in alleviating pain or cookie cutter compression apparel. Our apparel is custom designed! So you can Look Good and Feel Better!

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