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Since all the information I collect should be free to everyone I really don't have anything to offer as exclusive for patrons... However.... I can add your War Commander name to the "VALUED SUPPORTERS LIST" on the wiki.




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About TroyW ( BehindTheEight )

$1 Pledge is equal to only 10 In-Game Gold

As you might imagine keeping the WCwikia up to date is a very hard and time consuming process. War Commander is constantly introducing new content while making changes to existing Units, Buildings, and so on and so on.  This has caused the job of up keeping the wiki up to day and accurate to become more and more daunting.

How Pledges Will Be Utilized :
Pledges will aid in the collection of vital game stats by allowing me to purchase a small amount of In-Game Gold. I currently do all the data collection without the benefit of gold which of course slows down the process immensely and frankly almost prevents me from playing my own game.
A good 80% of the decisions I make in game are driven solely by the needs of the wiki including what to upgrade, what to attack and how to proceed in an Event. Some of the things donations would allow me to do are :

  • Destroy multiple levels of units in order to obtain Repair Times.
  • Destroy high level Unique Rogue Base to gather Arms Cache Info.
  • Perform upgrades on Buildings & Units of smaller accounts to re-gatherstats  that Kixeye has changed since last collected.
  • Much, much more....

There are well around 30 Buildings and over 100 Units now so when Kixeye makes sweeping changes to their stat tables it can take months and months for me to go back and personally re-collect all that data.

What I Do For WCwikia :
Typically wiki's are edited by a great number of people however that's not really the case for this wiki.

Since I took over the Lead Admin position in June 2013 I have virtually re-designed the entire wiki from top to bottom in an effort to make it as useful and easy to understand as possible. This included the redesigning of the Front Page layout and the layouts of almost all 1,000 + content pages.  My goal has been to make WCwikia the best organized, best looking and easiest to use wiki for any browser game currently out there and I believe we have been successful as WCwikia is one of the most comprehensive wiki's of its type in existence. Simply,  I am very proud of what has been accomplished.

The process of gathering information for the wiki is an arduous task at best as Kixeye is not always very open or clear in providing information on its own game. Therefore to provide the necessary information the the player base requires exhaustive testing and the pulling together of stats from multiple accounts of varying levels which in turn can all be whipped out by Kixeye in a single game change forcing the the process to begin all over again.

Yes, I do get occasional help from other editors, and I can't tell you how much that helps but since I began editing in March 2013 I have done over 76,000 edits and I continue to do 99% of all ongoing edits. The editor with the second most edits on the wiki comes in at just under 3,300 edits.

One reason for a lot of these edits come from my obsession in constantly redesigning tables,  layout and graphics to make the existing information clearer and more readily available to experienced and novice users alike.

$1 Pledge is equal to only 10 In-Game Gold

In Addition To The WCwikia :
In addition to the wiki I also I spend a fair amount of time on the War Commander Forums answering as many questions from players as I can since responses to these questions are rarely answered directly by Kixeye. However, since I am not an employee of Kixeye and I have no insider information I can only do this by imparting the knowledge I have have gathered over the long time I have been a player and running the wiki. Even so  I find this is another way I can be of value and help out my fellow commanders.

Why I Need Your Help :
At times I spend more time working on the wiki then most put into a 9 to 5 job, which I'm ok with but I don't know how long I can keep it up....  My current situation has forced me to be a stay at home care giver thus making my current income basically nil.  Any donations would be of great help in my ability to continue providing the upkeep of the wiki that everyone has grown accustomed too while at the same time allowing myself to help out my mother as much as I can .... which of course would be ideal.

The Idea For Patreon :
For a long time very nice players have been telling me that Kixeye should be paying me for my services, which would be awesome, but we all know that's not going to happen. Or that they would like to help me out themselves but since you cannot send Gold player to player there has really been no way to accomplish this ( I don't use gold anyways ).  This has never bothered me since I did not start working on the wiki to get recognition let alone gold or any other financial return for my efforts.  But since the wiki has become more and more a job to keep up ( there is just so much altered and new content continually coming out in WC ) several players have brought Patreon to my attention and I had no response as to why I should not give it a try.. so here we are.....

I will continue to do my best on the wiki and in the forums regardless but I would be eternally greatful for any support I may receive from patrons... 

Thank You Commanders !
TroyW ( BehindTheEight )

$0 of $25 per month
This goal would allow me to be much more efficient in the collection  statical data on newly released game content for WCwikia by providing me with a small amount of in-game Gold. 
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