is creating Gaming streams, and hopefully music someday
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Any little bit helps!
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Even with 5 dollars, you are helping me reach my goal of 300 dollars and I could not thank you enough!

Woah thats half a 20$ steam gift card!
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10 bucks a month, thats gonna get me there super quick, thank you so much!

That could cover a dinner at wendys!
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20 dollars a month is insane, if you do this your a god




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Well as of right now Im a young twitch streamer. Most of my life has been taken up by video games and I want to change that. I'm a 14 year old that has already put over 5100 hours into video games. One thing that has always interested me is piano. I love music and a piano would not only allow me to express that, but do twitch with instead of just video games. If you become a patron and help me get this, I will do anything it takes to make it worth your while! (No dirty shit though, duh) Once I get that I could perform over twitch and maybe become a partner. Make some money. Then I'd be able to afford everything I need. Even a small amount of money would help me out a ton!