Todd Aaron Doyle

is creating videos related to Donald J. Trump and QAnon
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About Todd Aaron Doyle

My name is Todd Aaron Doyle and I am a former newspaper publisher.  Right out of high school, some 20 odd years ago at the age of 19, I published my own newspaper.  I've always had a love for the news.  That love for digesting the real truth from the propaganda eventually led me to sharing and disseminating news online.  I've been doing that for the past 25 years trying to show people the biggest cons they will know in their lifetimes.  It is very much like the Matrix, or Alice in Wonderland, as once you go into the rabbit hole, the lies and the cons that have been perpetrated against our USA Republic go very deep.

I have, over the years, built a significant online presence.  I can reach between 100-200k people a month depending on how hard I push something out to the public.  For 25 years I have not gotten paid to do any of that work.  I've now reached a critical juncture in my life where I would love to work and get paid for doing what I love to do.  Many of my closest friends would tell you that I love figuring out the truths in this world.

On Facebook, I run several political pages designed to inform and educate the public at large.  On Twitter, I do have more than one account with a total reach somewhere around 90,000 people.  I want those numbers to grow, because as I analyze the news, I know that I'm just one person.  I've really been building a network all these years - of some great people - probably much like you, who know and understand the value of the individual.

Donald Trump has exposed what I have long been working to expose - the agendas behind the mainstream media.  The people are now the media.  Each of us, in our own ways, turn to other people or influencers, to get our news.  We all knew something was wrong for the past 30 years but none of us, including myself, understood just how bad things were until Donald Trump came along.  It's worse than even I thought.

On YouTube, I'm beginning a venture to help really make a change to our nation's future by informing and educating people.  This really is what I love.  It's not for popularity, or notoriety, but for getting the truth out to people.  I know that my analysis of many events is accurate and most of my predictions have come true over the years.  There are many, many, things I would like to tell the public about, and if the public (you) is willing to support me in my work, I think together we could really change the very fabric of our country, the United States of America for the better.

I fully support President Donald J. Trump and look forward to another win in 2020!
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