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About TsubomiSoft

Hello, patrons, creators, visitors and friends! This is the patreon page for TsubomiSoft, a new and very independent game development studio. Tsubomi was born in 2016 and has the sworn duty of creating beautiful and challenging games. It took a year to develop its first game, Promethea, free for download in Android devices.

This page aims to, with your help, fund the current and future creations of Tsubomi. Not only that, but also make it possible for patrons to offer their valuable input. Tsubomi is just one guy doing all the design, art and programming : me, Heitor Almeida. I could really use some other interested people to provide insights and opinions. Patrons will have access to regular updates in the development of the ongoing project, with screenshots, detailed descriptions and opportunities to discuss features. Thank you for your support!

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