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About TuYasRecords

Why Patreon?

YouTube has demonetized all of my videos because they are not considered as "Friendly-Family" Ultimately the high paying advertisers do not want their ads to be shown over "violent video games" As I make all my income through adverts, this change has impacted me quite allot.
I'm passionate about what I do believe I can make a living with the combination but it does worry me about what the future of YouTube holds for content creators like me.
I refuse to change the kind of content I make to fit the "Family Friendly" environment.

What are the future plans for TuYasRecords?
TuYasRecords has a big year planned for 2019 and beyond. And I also want to start doing new things on the channel. This Patreon allows me some room to experiment should those ideas not work out! So Patreon is a great way to help me be more creative!

Full Time Livestreaming?
I am slowly shifting towards livestreaming then making video's.
YouTube has been really messing up with my channel and i think this is the best way to go, but i have to wait and see how my channel is performing.

1 Dollars Per Month or More...
I am going to do something different, instead charging you guys like 10 or 20 dollars per month
I am giving you guys more freedom how you want to support me 1 dollar or more per month, sadly at this moment i dont have any monthly rewards but i will give you guys shout outs on my livestream.

Thank you...

I wanna thank you guys for all your support i know this is just a beginning from what im going to  do, but its going to take awhile not only is it because YouTube has been messing up my channel but also with my health i've been struggling to make a balance between my life and my youtube career, with your support on Patreon is going to make things easier for me. So i dont have to worry about incoming revenue. Thank you so much guys love you and god bless you <3

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