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If you're seeing this page, first off I wanted to thank you for even considering supporting me. That really does mean a lot to me and I appreciate you so much. To make a long story short, at this point in time 7/2/2017, I'm planning on going part time at my job so I can grind more hours at my passion and what I love. I'm currently a twitch affiliate with my sub button and I do create YT content for the games that I play. At the moment I'm not sure how many different fantastic things I can offer you, but what I can offer you is my time and my thoughts of what's happening in my world and I can attempt to give you advice with what's happening in your world. 

My intent is having two different "tiers" Tier 1 would be about $1 and Tier 2 would be $2. In Tier 1 I'm going to update what is going on in my world in blog form. In Tier 2 I plan on giving updates and answering your questions in vlog form.

My income will be cut in half BUT I will work my ass off every day and provide you with my work as best and as often as I possibly can. Thank you so much for finishing this short read and thank you so much for your support <3

^ whoever the fuck I was at that point in time was impatient af and needs to be slapped. I'm gonna work hard every fking day, not say a word but just DO, and see y'all in 5 yrs. The question is, when will you be apart of the journey? (7-10-2017)

9-20-2017: As time goes on, I'd like to try to start adapting my patreon page to the current life style. I've made it to where i'll be doing mainly blogs and once I hit 10 patrons then i'll start up videos on a weekly basis and those will be open to each patron :D

2-27-2017: Going to be redoing a lot of things overtime. On 2/20/17 I turned 23 and the parents gave me the green light to go ALL IN on streaming/youtube. Obviously I still have bills to pay so any help is always appreciate af. I'll be updating tier lists here and there and so there will be HELLA fkin changes. Be prepped for big things to come >:D 
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The more the merrier, but atm if I could get 10 patrons, I'll start making videos like I used to, but open it up to every tier. 
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