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Hello my name is Kyler Bushman, the creator behind the YouTube channel "Tushar Mountain Ironworks" I'm a maker, I dabble in many things with my main interest being knife making and blacksmithing. I created this page to give my viewers the opportunity to support the channel to allow me to create more content and tackle larger projects
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I mean if you really want to. I'll think of something totally awesome for this  
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Seriously if you pledge this much per month I'll die from gratitude overload. I'll definitely think of something mind blowing for this one 
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I want to spend more time in the shop making stuff, however as of now I cannot justify it financially. When I reach $100 per month, that will be the point at which I can justify some extra time off to spend more time making videos. Once we reach $100 I will do a patreon exclusive giveaway!
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