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About Twisted by Nature

What is Twisted by Nature?

Twisted by Nature is the lost magic pulled from the wilds of North America.
It has been centuries since magic has graced the presence of humanity. Powerful Native American tribes along with certain Pirates, Western mages, and Lost Tribes ruled and carved out all that we see today. As modern times drew closer, these relics wielded by legends were lost and reclaimed by nature. Now, these relics are showing themselves once more to be brought into the world. Twisted back into being by nature and carefully crafted to their former glory, these magic relics are brought to light once more. What will you do with them?

Where The Money Goes

Every magical piece takes time and equipment to restore to its former self. The money allows for more time to be spent to create even more and to bring new ones into creation like never seen before!
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500 a month allows us to focus on reclaiming even more magical relics from nature! This also allows us to buy better tools to speed up this process.
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