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You get my thanks and your input means slightly more when deciding what to do with my creative efforts (mod, community servers, and any modpacks I put together to accompany these).

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In addition to previous tiers, you get a fancy role on my Discord server that includes /tts in all channels and exclusive access to some bot commands.
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So named because at this tier, I'll give you a one time shout out on my discord server and you will be credited (by name, though you can opt out) as a patron in any mods I develop. Again, this is in addition to the lower tiers.




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About Twisted Code

I'm the developer behind the as-of-yet unreleased (and currently on hiatus while I work up courses of my college program) Minecraft mod Witchery Reincarnate, an attempt on my part to re-create, as exactly as possible without stepping on any toes, the mod Witchery by Emoniph, which has seemingly been abandoned. I also host a modded server, the most recent iteration of which has been based on (although a few mods were added or updated) Direwolf20 1.12. (Incidentally, this is also where the screenshot was taken that I use for this page's cover photo)
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If I reach this goal (minus any recurring expenses of creating/hosting my content), I will actively try to find time, regardless of what else is going on in my life, to develop my mods and community servers. Otherwise these efforts are near the bottom of my priority list, being superseded by college, family, and leisure
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