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It's 2~Swain! The Queen of Salt and the holder of the tastiest Tea.
If you are looking at this page it means you want to support me and my work. You might be thinking, "Why should I?" well the reason is, you came to this page for a reason. Maybe it was because you saw a post somewhere or because you saw some of my work and wanted to see more. Whatever the reason is, you were interested, and that right there was the first step of supporting the Swain. ^-^ So to give a little detail about me; my name is Lyric Swain, yes 'the song Lyric', my goal is to create something that can bring people together, from all different backgrounds and share our own little world together. I am an artist coming up in this big world we call Earth, and I am ready to have fun and entertain! So sit back, relax, have some salt and tea as you enjoy this Swaine adventure!

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