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Enabling my unrealistic dreams, a dollar at a time.

-You get to come to my eXcLuSiVe PaTrOn ChAnNeL on my public discord server! 

-And your name will be featured in each of my videos starting now! 

-And in the credits of all my videogames!

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With this much enabling, you're actually starting to make me think I can do this.

-You don't get anything more physically. 

-But you do get more gratitude from me. 

-And a slightly different discord role tag!

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You gave more than you were ever expected to.


-You get everything in the lower tiers

-And for every month you're a patron at this level, you can request 1 video game key of a game that I've made and have the power to freely get a key for. 

-I haven't actually made a game that qualifies for this yet, but when I do, simply message me on discord and we'll get sorted!  

-Oh, and a cool orange discord roll! That too!

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About Tyo

I'm currently working on a personal project known as a VIDEOGAME. My plan is to build a demo and show off my progress via DevLogs, and eventually DevDiaries. In my main DevLog video series, I explore and explain what I'm doing with the engine I'm working with, the Godot Engine. My main series follows the production of Rose and Thorn, an action-adventure platformer. However, I will also be showing off other projects as I do them, and maybe throw in some game reviews whenever I feel the urge. The main focus is getting my stuff out there for the world to see, and eventually make a game people can appreciate.
2% complete
At this point, work on my game will be considered a "part-time" endeavor. This means, at most, I'd likely be working a single part-time job in conjunction with work I do on here. This frees up a lot of time for me to work on my games and other content to get them out to you faster.
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