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Hello, I'm UYTP! Welcome to my patreon blog, and thank you very much for coming!

Who Are You?

My name is Matt. I'm a freelance/hobbyist digital artist from Canada. My life long dream is to be a story board artist at a major animation studio, such as Disney, Pixar, Paramount, or Dream Works. My favourite things to do are draw, browse Tumblr, binge watch entire series on Netflix in one sitting, and play video games. 

Why Are You On Patreon?

I am on Patreon to better connect with my fans. Who doesn't like behind the scenes goodies from artists? I know I do. Patreon helps me schedule events with fans, and I believe brings an overall closeness between artist and fans. Being a freelance artist isn't the easiest job. It's time consuming and gives a lot of hand cramps. Patreon helps me fund projects and schooling, as well as pay for materials and meals.

What Can I Expect If I Become A Patron?

Patrons receive specially monthly rewards (check out the reward tiers for more info)! You will be given access to all my work in progress and behind the scenes posts. Some files may even show up for you to download from time to time! You'll also be able to personally message me through the patreon messaging system, and I promise to do my best to respond.

Thank you again for taking your time for checking out my patreon!

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Patreon-only Q and A party! I'll have a livestream where you can ask me questions you have regarding me, how I make my art, or anything else you'd like to ask me!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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