Uber Artist

is creating Digital Illustrations and Animations (Art)
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Pledging $1 will get you a quick sketch of anything of your choosing. Be it a character, background, anything. I will sketch it to the best of my abilities! 

There will also be three versions of said sketch:

  • The original photo
  • The edited, crisper photo
  • And finally the png version of the sketch. ( A cleaner version with a clear/transparent  background. Just in case if you wish to color it in yourself or send it to another artist for them to color it in.)
Paintings, Character Sheets, or Comics
per creation

Pledging $5 will get you one of the three: 

  • A full painting of your choice

  • A full character sheet of any character you wish

  • A short comic (1-4 pages long, cover art included, written by anyone)

As well as any photos or documents used to create said piece (ie: sketches, psd. files, etc.)

per creation

I'll make a short animatic/animation for you. I don't have much experience with fluid animations, hence the animatic possibility, but I'll try my best depending on the subject matter.




per creation

About Uber Artist

I'm a digital artist and animation new the internet. I plan on creating many pieces of artwork, animations, and eventually even a couple of comics.