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Hiya! I'm Tamsin! I'm the co-owner, lead designer, and engineer at Uber Geek as well as the creator and driving force at Newtype Gaming.

In 3D printing I'm still a bit new with some of the more advanced 3D modeling programs out there, but I'm learning fast and have become quite capable in the simpler modeling programs like Fusion 360. Don't be afraid to ask us for a new design or anything you may need printed.

I make screen quality props and costumes, so be sure to stay tuned for that.
(The 3D Printing helps this a ton)

One of our other endeavors is blacksmithing and metalworking, of which I am quite skilled and learned. Please stay tuned for some awesome functional weapons and other smithed stuff! 

Also tune in for our gaming videos on our YouTube channel with our friends at Newtype Gaming to check out our shenanigans, guides, and 'Let's Play' videos.

Your support means we can get projects done and afford supplies to keep going. Since I am disabled everything I do has to be out of pocket or donated. Anything I work on may have to be paced slower than an able bodied person but it keeps me moving and keeps me healthy, so your support means the world to us. 
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Let's start it simple yeah? Let's see if we can reach our first goal! 
Our first videos should be up in coming weeks, so stay tuned!
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