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is creating Let's play Videos, Naruto adventures, and stories.

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Ive always said that every dollar counts. And if your awesome enough to donate even this small amount, I will be sure to give you a personal thank you to your patreon page.

~Pledge $1 and you will receive
A personal shoutout to your patreon page from me for helping me out
Early access to the video, allowing you to see it before it comes out

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WOW! Are you THIS awesome?! You have to be if you pledged this! If you did I can ASSURE you there will be some EXCELLENT things coming your way!

~Pledge $5 and you will receive
All of the lower tier Pledge rewards
A shoutout within the video
Having your patreon/youtube page being linked at the end of the video
Having the ability to name one of the pokemon I acquire in a nuzlocke! You can message me which member of the team you'd like to name, and what to name them, as long as its within reason (No provocative, filthy, nasty, or cuss word names, keeping the videos sortve pg you understand)
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~Pledge $10 and you will receive
All of the lower tier Pledge rewards
A one on one video call from me. Unfortunately it has to be limited to about 20 minutes at the most due to my busy schedule, but You can ask me anything you like! Or we can just have a casual conversation, the choice is yours!
Helping me write the story of a nuzlocke, I will take ideas no matter what, but by pledging this amount your ideas will be GUARENTEED to be worked in somehow someway.




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Heeey everybody its me, UchihaRiku94, the fastest Uchiha this side of the globe and WELCOME! To my patreon page.

What is Patreon all about?
Patreon is a form of monthly crowdfunding, where people who love stuff get to help fund stuff! Haha, in all seriousness, it's a place where creators of content can raise funds from people who like what they create.

Crowdfunding allows creators to make more and better creations, and is a super cool win-win for everyone involved.

Why pledge to UchihaRiku94?
Ever since my falling out of youtube years ago, Ive been desperately trying to get back into the swing of things on the site, so that I may entertain all of you wonderful people the best I can, and all pledges will go to improving the videos, none of it will be used personally on anything that wouldn't get to your eyes. By pledging to my Patreon, you aid my channel grow, for your just as important to the channel, if not more important, than I am. I make the videos, but without you to watch them, it doesn't mean much in the long run. YOU are the reason content creators exist.

$0 of $100 per month
Up until now my main source of editing has been windows movie maker and free trials, but free trials don't last forever. If we hit this goal, I can actually purchase the software so i can dont have to worry about it, for you awesome people!
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