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Hello, and welcome.

Dojo is a Japanese term which literally means "place of the way". Wiki

This is a place where we can embrace a journey of a musicians Learning path, Mine and Yours as the most outstanding compositions of music that i listen to can be translated into a Ukulele format, to sing and practice.  This material is helping me learn from the best of the best, a repertoire that is organized and fun. 

Every time i post a video, it comes with learning material, and if the song is quite complex, the .pdf with the tabs and even the backtrack songs will be included.

It takes a lot of time-work to create all of it, creating music is my "in the closet" passion, im shy about it but someday i will record it all to inherit in a way what i came to do in this life and planet, a part of it.  Support via Patreon will feed me the enthusiasm to create more and to record my music, and meanwhile i will take some suggestions for the covers.

I take this cover songs to the ukulele only if they are fun, and ukulele friendly, although we know that in a ukulele you can play almost any composition, I just transpose the fun.  Ukulele is an amazing instrument because of its individual strength, compact size with a happy cozy vibe that everybody digs when they hear one.

I started to learn lyrics to get better at singing, its not my strong suit, so i searched lyrics with chords here and there.  All started a clutter pile of a bunch of papers just to finish a song.  A mess, and when you kind of know the song, is very distracting to change sheets to continue the jam session.  So i started to work, and i have like a addiction-hobby about the translation of songs from Guitar to Ukulele, and later to create backtrack songs to play along and have a blast.

HERE you get them all.
I am extremely grateful to welcome you.

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All Videos and songs have PDF color coded chords to match the lyrics, so easy to follow and to review years later.
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Mp3 of the songs with the Lyrics Color coded.
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Get a backtrack mp3, PdF of Tabs and of course the Lyrics color coded.
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I will post a video on how to practice singing warm ups with the ukulele.  With tabs of course.
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