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a suite of easy to use, fully compatible, time saving, epic sounding experience enhancing tools in one CRITICAL hitting app!

Development Note
While in final stages of development we are only open for the NPC Reward. Once we have officially launched the other rewards and app features will become available.

Development of The Ultimate Games Master (UGM) is supported purely by Patreon and as a patron you will open the flood gates to our amazing multi-platform suite of tools.

UGM is a platform independent companion app built to enhance and simplify the experience of getting your friends together for an adventure.

It has been created for Players and Games Masters of role playing systems such as 5th edition and many others. Initial release will be compatible with games based on SRD5, and is available for Android, iOS, Mac, PC with Linux coming soon.

Check out our reward tiers to find out more on how to unlock these tools and bring your role playing adventures to life.

We have structured our Patreon rewards to try and balance the costs of development against being able to provide our patrons with regular updates in content and tools to take their adventures to the next level.

We want you to join us on our journey to become the number one, go to, must have app for Role players and Games Masters.  We want to give you the best role playing experience possible, so if there is something you want to see in the app to make your adventure with friends even more awesome, then let us know.  Looking for a particular sound effect (SFX)?  Need integration with an obscure rule-set?  The moon on a stick?** We are always open to input and value the direct communication that Patreon gives us to our patrons.

UGM is a single app that includes a host of features for players, spectators and especially GMs. 

Let’s take a look inside...

Let's start with the ability to create and maintain characters across a variety of role playing platforms. UGM allows players to keep track of all character stats including experience, status, equipment, and many other attributes, just as you would on paper. For example, this allows you to keep on top of rapidly changing hit points or the number of arrows remaining.

Built with assistants to help with leveling up, resting (should the accursed GM ever give you the chance), calculating changes to stats and the management of traits and features. All this with the added bonus of being able to pull up a character on your device at anytime, with the ability to keep all your devices in sync.

With the Adventurer Reward and above you can experience UGM Ad Free and offline. You can synchronize with the GM over a local area network, adding the ability to send and receive content during your adventure without the need of an internet connection. When linked with your GM you will be using a synchronized game set, rules reference and compendium keeping your role playing experiences seamless.

This is where The Ultimate Games Master really comes into its own.

So what does it do, you say? Well, what doesn’t it do! We’re not just blowing our own trumpet***. Let us show you!

With UGM, we want you, the GM to be able to create and run an adventure that is as fluid as possible. The Games Master’s tools include a campaign builder, where you can pull up libraries of content and create adventures on your desktop, or import previously created content. Also included are content builders for loot, monsters, encounters, NPCs and random roll tables, and an Editor for compendiums and rule references.

Sounds great but what else?  How about enhancing your experiences with atmospheric moods, such as adding music and sound effects to your games.

Is it really that simple?  We certainly hope so.

Start by breaking down your campaign into chapters and their areas / rooms or importing content from external sources onto Area Cards.  Add the monsters to encounters from a searchable list onto an area card, automatically including a lookup for their details, so during play you don't have to break the magic of the moment to look something up in a manual.

That’s a great start, now add more elements to the area card. Add your story, notes, traps, loot and anything else that you want to be at hand for this point in your adventure. Open up your audio browser tab, and attach the SFX for this room straight onto the area card. Ta Da!  You now have a grunt and a moan right on the card for the room where it's going to be needed. Same goes for music! So you have just the right creepy acoustic jazz for the discerning vampire lord, who’s study you have just blundered into?  Just add it to the card, and it will be automatically looped as background music until you change it or choose to it fade out.

Don’t want to over script it?  Fine.  There is a library of one shot sound effects and mood setters available on the Games Master’s campaign screen to add that blood curdling scream at just the right moment to really get your players excited. Want your adventurers to find a map or a clue? Add it to your library and drop it onto the card, ready to push to your players devices at the tap of a button. Your area card can hold as many or as few elements as you want. Our goal is to help you run your adventure your way.

The Ultimate Games Master will be your companion and will ensure your players will be enthralled from their first step to their last dying breath (with the mad laugh of an evil wizard ringing in their ears).

With the ability to push content right onto players devices, pull up player information, or impose condition effects as they happen, we can get you and your players up close and personal.

The campaign creation components will be available in the Games Master Reward and above. SFX and Music libraries will be available to patrons of their respective reward levels.

Want to let others watch what's going on? Running a special adventure for an audience or an online stream/podcast? Spectator mode allows you to add one or more additional devices to serve as information screens. These devices can show player stats and status’, overviews of the character screens, GM specific text for the current area or clues that the players have found.

Spectator mode is not just for people outside the player group. Maybe you don't want to go the whole hog and go fully paperless, or maybe not all of your players have devices they care to use. Well then, how about sharing a single device in the middle of the table to show maps, clues and to keep account of initiative and party information? Spectator mode can do this for you.

But don’t other apps and websites do this already?
Yes, they do. But not all in one fully integrated suite of tools, and not with the fluidity and goal of providing a simple interface that enhances role playing but doesn’t replace the pleasures of sitting around a table with friends sharing an adventure. It's all about setting the scene and letting the adventure flow.

Example Scenario 1:
Tap to queue menacing background music
“You step through a tattered curtain and see a room about 20 feet wide: at its center stands a grinning half-giant with a bloodstained club in his hand”
Tap to queue grunt SFX
“He points his club at your party”
Tap to push a note to party members to roll for initiative

Example Scenario 2:
Tap to queue the sound of plants and undergrowth moving in the breeze
“The seed pods in the marsh around you burst open and a cloud of foul smelling spores engulf your party“
Tap to get everyone to roll to save against poison if not immune
"You start to feel very, very sick"
Tap to set everyone’s status to poisoned who failed their save

The Ultimate Games Master UGM

Developed by Nonagon Three Limited

* Nonagon Three is a development team based in Cornwall, South West of England, created by three like-minded and not entirely dubious individuals. The skilled team is made up of people throughout the globe who have an unequivocal passion for all things gaming. They have also recently rediscovered the delights of sitting round a table pitting their wits and dubious dice rolls against dungeon denizens.

** The-Moon-on-a-Stick on offer is purely metaphorical. Providing the actual moon on a stick would not only be a touch more tricky than our abilities currently stretch to, but would also wreak untold damage on the tides, the oceans, and all the glorious plants and animals of our world, and we are just not that kind of people!

*** Lead Developer Justin really can blow his own trumpet, along with about 15 other instruments.. Man of many talents!
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