is creating wax carvings and drawings, possibly some writing as well

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We all know how important that first step is. Out of nothing came something. A blank page is terrifying and silence can be deafening, there is a lot of room for doubt and uncertainty and other dark voices to whisper and speak in the corners of one's mind. The first crack in the wall will let in a lot of light.
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As poor wizard needs canvas and scrolls, so could a poor artist use some coin and encouragement. 
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Daiso is akin to a dollar store here from Japan. The tier price is $2 instead of $1 because... $1 after currency exchange and deductions won't let me buy anything from Daiso (RM5+ per item in Malaysia). ^^; 

Alchemy can be pricey but there are a lot of cool things I can get from here for cheap that will hopefully help in my art endeavors. 

Also, (in the US) did you know that a $2 dollar note exists and is still in production and circulation? :P




It is I. The Uncipherable Cipher. PERHAPS you have heard of me? No. Perhaps not. Ahem. Well then. Welcome to my Patreon Page. I carve candle wax to make little sculptures and I also make pictures (Yes! I draw. Or I try to), sometimes with dots. I write as well a little bit but nothing much recently. I've done Nanowrimo a number of years but it's been a while. In 2018 (October) I joined the ranks of artists doing Inktober, for the first time for me, and I did Dinovember/Huevember (November) sort of in a passing way sketching the dinos sometime in the first week and cramming the color work into the last days, also my first year.

Would you join my adventure here and see where I go with it? Please follow if so. ☺ If you would like to contribute some coin or currency as well to help me out (and it would really help me out) there are tiers on the right and a general Pledge on the left. Many thanks!
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First Pledge! I have a Patron. :D Firsts should be celebrated. Maybe my first Patron could suggest/request something? Something I could doodle perhaps, as a thank you. :) 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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