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This podcast is usually about anything. Recently I have been changing the curve of the flow and wanted to bring in the more "Uncomfortable" topics. Which is why "Talking Crap With Cody" has it's new tag.

I have talked about comic books, video games, movies, TV shows. Anything that has to do with entertainment and pop culture, really. However, I really want to bring up more conversation (not debate) about religion, politics, social issues, and mental health (which is really my main focus now). I've done a couple interviews with some friends. The likes of; Marshall, from the podcast Always Bet On Geek. And a nerdcore hip hop artist by the name of Ben Knight.

I'm also in the works of making my own books and on my way to publishing a couple. So stay tuned for that!

To wrap this up; if you are into pop culture, entertainment, and almost anything, this is probably a good place for you to be. So get ready to get Uncomfortable!
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Let's get this out to the world! Every little bit helps, and my first goal is to create a community where we can all enjoy fun and fascinating topics in our individual minds!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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