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in one day my cousin ask me what i will give him for his birtday,since i don't have money i think to make a greeting card on my ps4 and send to him.When my  aunt give me first ps4 i was very happy(and afeter i scream like a littel girl) i look at share factory(a pd4 aplucations when you can editing videos and picture) it teek me a whilee to understand that aplication but i think now i'm pretty god with editing(just with my ps4)after think what to say in that greeting card for my birhtday cousin i make something with plants vs zombi(hes fovorit game before fortnite)when i send to him he say it like(probable because he know i don't have money)after her birtday(to which i was myself)next day when we play firtnite my cousin say:"y u no make a patreon page and make money"(he say this in joke😂)but afther a while  i asked myself why not?And am here,if you want to speak whit me you can d me on ps4(ID ffff-vivycut,i know it sound stupid😅)and sorry if i wrong with my text but english it's not my languege

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