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Q - So you're planing on earning money on other peoples creations? You are one greedy motherfucker. 

A - Kinda, but not really.

Q - What the hell is that suppose to mean?

A - Well, you're right, my channel wouldn't exist without the musical talent from other people. I'm just a delivery boy that spread music I feel is underrated. But the absolute main goal with my Youtube channel is to increase the support to the musicians. If you find a album you like on my channel and you got some money you wanna spend, the artist should ALWAYS be the one you support before you even consider giving me any money. After you gave the artist/artists your support and still wanna throw your hard earned cash on the asshole that runs the channel, I'm not gonna stop you. This is what separate us from the animals, we don't say no to money.

Q - Alright, I like your channel and I think you doing a decent job with it so I'm considering giving you a buck or two. What do I get for being a Patreon supporter to your channel?

A - Nothing.

Q - Excuse me!?

A - As I said earlier, I wanna enlighten underrated music as much as possible. I don't wanna give some kinda special deals like "support my Patreon and get access to the uploads before the rest", I think that is fucking bullshit. Everything I upload will be available to everyone the same second it enters my channel, no matter if you're a Patreon supporter or not. 

Q - So giving you my money is not gonna change anything?  

A - That is correct. You should only spend money on me if you really feel I deserve it. Of course I would be super fucking grateful for it but it won't get you any special treatment. 

Q - You're a fucking weirdo but I'll guess your honest at least. If you're start making any money here, what are you gonna spend it on?

A - I'll say I spend 20-50 hours a week (depending on how much free time I get) on my channel. Random things that helps me running the channel, subscriptions to different programs I use, buying music, making my little working corner a all around better place to spend time at. I also have some ideas how to expand Underrated Albums to something more than just a Youtube channel and it would be awesome to have 2 computers for that. 

Q - Last question, what are your expectations with this Patreon? 

A - Nothing really. I can't expect people to give me money, I think that would be a stupid way to see it. On the other hand I can't say I have anything to lose with having a Patreon to my little music project. If someone wanna give me that extra support I am beyond grateful, I would appreciate it deeply. I've tried to be as honest as possible with these answers and I hope you don't see me as greedy sellout. Please promise me that you consider to support real musicians before you flash your dollar bills on me. 

Much love

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