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About Unefer Axsal

My name is Axsal some people call me Unefer , Omega or, Blaxsal the short version of why I have set up this account is because I want & need your support to not only help make more people aware of their personal power, their history and their ability to positively effect and contribute to the world but also to help fund and support the number of growing community based project's i'm involved in such as the Sankofa Sesh Saturday School (Subject to Change) and the International Aswan Nubian Revival Project all of which more details will be revealed as we grow together.

 My main focus is to research show and share culturally historic information to reconnect black African people of the diaspora back to their ancestral roots. As black people, we have been stripped of our history a great leader within our community we should all know Marcus Garvey said a people with no knowledge of history and culture is like a tree with no roots. So I have been coordinating events and I have been in the schools sowing seeds teaching the youth about African excellence. I specialise particularly in ancient Egyptian and Nubian history and have been running the Black Excellence British museum tour for the last couple of months with some great success.  Find out more and book tickets for the tour here! 

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When I am able to cover the travel costs, I'll start introducing live content of on-site live lectures, tours and presentations at culturally and historically relevant venues such as the British museum, the Petrie Museum, the natural history musuem and so on.
This also includes interviewing people of interest and attending and capturing footage of events and workshops.
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