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About Uni-Comm Productions

Unicomm Productions... home of Dead Mall Date Night the series where we explore dying malls, and Failure the series where we look for the reasons behind the fall of iconic companies, and products.

Unicomm IS:

Kristin: Narrator, Photographer, Script Writer, Research Department, Video Editor, Planning and Travel Arrangements, Social Media Ninja, Snack and Beverage Curator.

Ron: Gimbal Slinger, Electronics Warden, Audio Editor, Special Effects, Photoshop Wizard, Branding Specialist, Security, Rollerblade Enthusiast.
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This is how much is costs us in software to make our videos.  Don't get us wrong, we have been paying it, and will continue to do so regardless, but coupled with the costs of filming it can add up for two working class folks like us.  So any support you deem fit to send our way would be much appreciated, and you would be added to our Patron list at the end of the videos.
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