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It all adds up, mate! Even a dollar could get this stinky demon some deodorant. 
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Rogue Demons are the second tier. Imma get some pizza for dinner with this money...
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Devilspawn are the third tier.  Every month they get a tiny little chibi of a character.




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Hello! My name is Tavian, I'm a freelance artist that mainly works in the furry fandom creating artwork and character designs tailored to my commissioners specific ideas! I love creating artwork, and it really helps me get my ideas out and I just love the happiness I receive when I send over the art I created. It would mean the world to me if you guys helped me out through this journey in my beginning career as an artist. I love just picking a character I like and asking the owner if I can draw it, so who knows, maybe I'll toss some free art at people once in a while?
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If I reach $100 per month, I'll do an art raffle!
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