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HAPPY NOW, Now is the Vibe-Rate!! Multidimensional Enlightenment from the physical to the metaphysical universe. I AM Universal Frequencies.. Sharing my Experiences, Occult(that which is "hidden") Inner Knowledge(Intuition) & External Research(Logic/Reason), from the Multidimensional & Psychedelic Realms down to the mundane ratchet human stuff.. Creating a learning experience that can help those who find it a little difficult on their spiritual growth(Human experience) as we paradigm shift into higher dimensions.. If I had to name some things that I'm great at dealing with, it would be the following: Innerstanding the Dynamics of Crystals (how & why they work), Innerstanding the Dynamics of our Extrasensory Perception (ESP)  ,Receiving downloads on unique aspects of our Soul Journey that may not been popularized or "common knowledge", & Articulating Analogies to make higher consciousness digestible to those new to the information.  Basically Presenting ways we can apply this information to become our greatest version and save our inner universe so that it reflects outwardly
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